Truecaller Premium APK 12.36.5 Keygen + [Mod Lite] Cracked

Truecaller Premium APK 12.36.5 Keygen is developed by True Software Scandinavia AB, a privately held company based in Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam in 2009, but most of its employees are based in India.

Truecaller Premium & Block 12.10.0 Serial Key

First released on Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile on 1 July 2009, it has since been ported to other platforms.

The ability of Truecaller to identify unknown calls and spam has made it a household name for most of us. With new features added every year, the app has improved dramatically over time. It is now much more than a simple caller ID app. These tips and tricks will help you get the most out of Truecaller.

A General Overview Of Truecaller Pro 2022 Cracked:

It works on a simple concept. You get the name of each user and some information about them. Every user of this app. Now you can use TrueCaller on your smartphone.TrueCaller has access to all of your contacts via your smartphone. It’s quite handy. Developers are very well maintained by the way TrueCaller Premium APK Keygen: data source is developed.

It is common for users to ignore calls or let them ring owing to their mood or busy schedule. According to Truecaller Premium APK: telling the person why you are calling may increase the likelihood of them picking up the phone. If the call is about some important news, you can just write, “Got something urgent to tell you!” you!” and while your friend might not have thought about returning your call later in the day, the reason will convince them to pick it up right away.

As a result, users will be able to distinguish between sales calls and necessary sales updates from any telecommunication company.

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Features of Truecaller Premium 2022:

Block incoming calls:

By using the app, you are able to block calls that begin with specific numbers. If someone is bothering you on the phone and the number begins with 8051, block the numbers starting with those digits.

Even without data connectivity, you can see who is calling:

Additionally, It is not necessary to have an internet connection on your phone at all times for this app to work. Whether you are connected to the internet or not, once a number has been identified, the app will identify it.

Take steps to protect yourself from spammers:

Once you download the app on your device, Truecaller automatically protects you from the known spammers in your area. You can also choose to reject calls from people whose identity is hidden while using the app.

Set Truedialer as your default dialer:

Furthermore, Truecaller allows you to do so much more than just block unwanted calls. It offers a dialer that users can select as their default dialer. Its Discovery feature works similarly to Twitter and Facebook’s methods to find people you already know.

It uses your location and existing contact list. Truecaller can show flowcharts if you find a contact with details set to private so that you can search for a common friend.

With the Search bar, identify the following numbers:

Moreover, Truecaller allows you to identify any phone number literally! The search bar becomes visible after the app launches. Enter a phone number in the field.

Free of ads:

Adverts are the primary reason why I always buy a paid version of any application. When ads appear while I am working, it is extremely frustrating. The premium Truecaller apk does not have any issues like that.

While the free version of the application has a lot of banner ads, the premium version offers an ad-free experience.

The module consists of:

This feature is ideal for those who want to stand out from the crowd. It is a premium feature, but Truecaller mod apk gives it to you for free.

On your caller ID, you’ll see a premium batch that gives you a professional appearance.


  • The rest of the users just need to send an invite message.

Some Additional Features:


  • Moreover, you can convey your feelings and expressions through stickers and emojis in the message. These stickers and emojis are plentiful.

An interface:

  • This program has a clear and simple interface, so no one will have a problem while using it.

Defending against blocking:

  • It is easy to block unwanted calls with this incredible community medium.

An identification:

  • Furthermore, This method can identify all unknown numbers quickly. Even numbers you don’t have in your contact list can be verified.

Among the visitors:

  • It is easy to view a list of people who have visited your profile.

A connection exists:

  • The fantastic application integrates with a variety of social media applications.

Truecaller Premium & Block 12.10.0 Serial Key

Main Pros and Cons:


  • An extensive and verifiable list of spam is presented by the application with over 200 billion contact details in the database
  • Select contacts whose SMS and calls will not be notified to you and marked as spam
  • If the crowdsourced spam blocking feature is enabled, it is easier for users to identify and avoid answering calls from spam callers.


  • It is unclear and unreliable how to activate the application. Users cannot access the services without an activation process.
  • It is not possible to block calls from a specific area code or country code prefix. Spam calls from the same area with an area code of +01, for instance, cannot be blocked all at once.
  • SMS details from contacts aren’t stored, unlike contact details and call history.

System Requirements:

  • You can use it on Windows 7/8/8.1 and Windows 10 all the latest versions
  • Android device version 4.6 or above
  • Minimum ram from 1GB and above for reasonable performance
  • A free disk space of only 15 to 20 MB

What’s new in Trucaller For Android?

  • Full-screen display of caller identification
  • Furthermore, It’s a truecaller.
  • Caller Voice HD by Truecaller.
  • Furthermore, Chat groups
  • Emoji reactions for Chat messages
  • A new blocking option
  • Blocked foreign countries
  • Furthermore, You can block numbers that aren’t in the phonebook
  • Spam blockers (premium feature)
  • Furthermore, Stop neighbors from spoofing

How to Install And Use Trucaller?

  • Firstly, Turn on the internet connection.
  • Secondly, Get the Cracked Truecaller Pro APK From the link here.
  • Install it.
  • Turn off the trusted APK feature from the settings.
  • After installation just run and enjoy the Full cracked Trucaller Premium APK Free.
  • Follow the instructions in the readme file with setup.


To make the most of Truecaller, here are some useful tips and tricks. The call alert feature was my favorite because I could prepare in advance for incoming calls. Then there is the Call Reason feature, which I occasionally use on urgent calls.

You can try all of the tips, tricks and features of Truecaller mentioned above and let me know which one you prefer in the comments below. Look forward to more articles like this.

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