Dev Tools Pro Cracked APK (Paid) v6.3.7 Latest Free Download

Dev Tools Pro Cracked APK (Paid) 6.3.7 + Mod Latest [Purchased]

Dev Tools Pro Cracked APK (Paid) 6.3.7

Dev Tools Pro Cracked APK 6.3.7: is a highly productive, automated, and essential Android Developer Assistant that can improve your productivity. It can be used to decompile another application, see the appearance of another application, view the latest open projects, see the history of actions, and view the manifest of any application.

Dev Tools Pro Cracked APK 6.3.7: is a full version of the Android application, which belongs to the tool category. Here’s some information about the Android app. We recommend that you give it a shot and leave us a comment or rate it. It will be greatly appreciated by our user community. Supports Android 9.0 and higher. The current version of the software is 6.3.7 and is available in English, Taiwanese, and Simplified Chinese.

Dev Tools Pro is Trinea’s android tools app that you can install on your Android devices and have fun! Dev Tools Pro can be used to view activity history, display a list of any apps, view recently used or installed apps, pull any apk, patch apps, display phone devices and information about programs, etc., and more features will be added later

Drag the source APK file into any app. Quickly open and close options in the developer options. To shorten the click action, the original seconds were reduced by dozens. Including display layout, GPU overdraws debugging, GPU display updates, GPU rendering, cursor position showing, strict mode, no keeping activities, staying awake, running.

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Dev Tools Pro Paid Features:

 Decompile other applications.

Visualize Java files, applications resources, and other files, as well as share them.

Add the Inspector Layout tool.

View or export layout and view information from other applications can display ID, width height, parent and child views, display coordinates.

See the latest open source projects every day.

A well-chosen Android open-source daily project.

View activity history.

See application name, package name, title, icon, start time of open activities and also include current activities, main activities. Open support in small window mode.

See manifests of any application.

See manifests for any application, search for any content in the manifest, save manifests on sd card in text or HTML.

Open or close options quickly in the developer options.

Tens of original seconds to reduce click operations. Including display screen layout, GPU extraction debugging, display layout updates, forced GPU rendering, display GPU display updates, display GPU rendering, show pointer position, strict mode, not maintain activity, stay awake, run services.

Dev Tools Pro Cracked APK (Paid) 6.3.7


Accessibility Service: We use this feature to automatically turn on or off some developer options and get the class name of the current activity to save your time. We can use this feature only after your authorization, We promise not to collect any of your information.

Dev Tools Pro Features:

  • See the latest open source daily projects.
  • View activity history such as package name, app name, startup schedule.
  • Access to the general information about the installed application.
  • Enable and disable the Developer option in Settings.
  • Quickly view hardware information with just one click.
  • Access to specific and varied functions.
  • And many more.

What’s New in Dev Tools Pro APK 6.3.7?

  • Add the Extractor Tool.
  • Then Add a new icon to the Developer Options tool.
  • Add tips when a purchase fails.
  • Fix the error when opening the folder after saving Apk.
  • Corrects some spelling errors.
  • A fix cannot display clues unless the last clues were rejected when saving apk.
  • Correct locking of the sharing file, open with another application.
  • Correct the manifest menu that is not working.
  • Corrects the Show system application menu that does not work after the search application.
  • Optimize the experience for the open design tool.

How to install Dev Tools Pro 6.3.7 Crack?

  1. First, download the APK.
  2. On an Android phone, go to Settings> Security> Allow Unknown Source.
  3. Installation on a computer.
  4. Make and enjoy the latest version.


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